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NICK HELM - Review

photo by amy brammall
Nick Helm is one of my favourite comedians. 

He was nominated for the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2011 for his show Dare to Dream and he also won Dave’s Funniest Joke of the Fringe Award with his gag: “I needed a password with eight characters - so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

For those of you who haven't had a chance to see him yet (I reckon you should) he's like a man on the edge. He shouts, snarls, whinges and whines and also genuinely looked like he was going to burst in to tears at one point. He is one seriously unhinged individual! Well that’s what he has you believe anyway. 

I saw him live just over year ago at Burscough Wharf courtesy of The Ha Ha Comedy Club and just before he took to the stage I was lucky enough to hold his guitar (I was stood at the back with the other acts as you do) and have a brief chat with him. He’s actually a softly spoken, lovely bloke! But that’s not the guy that you see on stage. 

After a nervous looking entrance (all part of the act) from stage left he opened with a simple question aimed at an audience member; do you like jokes? However, it’s the ferocious and manic way in which he repeatedly delivered the enquiry that shocked you into immediate laughter. 

He banged out some superb one-liners and actually applauded and congratulated himself on their greatness with fist pumps and hip gyrations, which I found particularly amusing. He then reassured the audience that the gig had actually started and that lightening would not be appearing from his manhood!

These gags were pretty funny but it was the style of delivery that made them work more than anything.

He went on to tell us a little about his sex life and his use of a luminous condom which made me chuckle somewhat and most blokes will probably want to try it, but to be fair but I can’t really tell you what he did with it without spoiling the joke.

He is also a talented poet and his own composition entitled simply “gin” may make you cry, probably with laughter.

As I said
 earlier Helm plays guitar on stage too. Now, I’ve never particularly been one for comedy songs with maybe the exception of Monty Python however, I loved his songs.

They were catchy and rather amusing and if you didn’t sing you were shouted at. One composition described how a particular woman would be better going out with him because she would look thinner stood next to him rather than her thinner boyfriend. Hope he doesn’t stand next to me then.  

Unfortunately at the gig I attended there was a persistent heckler. These people really annoy me. If I wanted to pay money to watch some local idiot mouthing off then I would, but I hadn’t. They can really spoil the flow of the delivery of the material of an act. However, fear not, he came up with the funniest original put down I have ever seen. 

As we had been stood at the back, the heckler in question (let’s call him Colin) had already been clocked by Helm and he had prepared himself in advance. 

As soon as Colin started his heckle, Helm lifted his t-shirt to reveal a message written on his hairy chest in big bold marker pen. It read: “Colin is a w*****!” The whole audience cheered. 

Colin was quiet at last.

The gig was superb and one of my favourite I have had the pleasure of attending.

He’s recently recorded three Comedy Blaps for Channel 4, which I suggest you watch and already appeared on Russell Howard’s Good News. So I think you will be seeing a lot more of him in the near future.

Unsettlingly Original yet Outstanding! 


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