Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ha Ha Club - The Sparrowhawk - 18th December 2012

A Christmas special is always a good thing & this was a real Christmas cracker!

The compare for the evening was the very loveable Will Duggan @willduggan who very quickly relaxed the audience and set them up for the forthcoming gig.

First up was a change to the line up, but one which was possibly better, Dominic Woodward @dominicwoodward who can regularly be seen headlining at the Comedy Store or Jongleurs jumped in for Peter Otway who was unavailable; something to do with a scotch egg I think!

Woodward is a cheery-chappie who whipped the audience along with his superb comic timing and plethora of character voices. He told us what you shouldn't do when you are a newly wed and also discussed African water rates! He finished with a superb recital of Wilfred Owen poetry! Trust me it's worth listening to!

Duggan then let the audience restore their own personal comfort before bringing on the second act of the evening!

It was the turn of Chris Washington @ChrisWash_ who luckily made it to the gig after a near miss with a car! He had a down-to-earth style that went down a storm! A postman by day, he gave away some trade secrets as well as letting us know what happened on the 17th November 2007! He also corrected Mario Balotelli who said that postmen don't celebrate when then post a letter!

Next up was the Richard Massara @RichMassara from Manchester who says he resembles Richard Bacon. He plays a mean game of Monopoly by all accounts. He also had an interesting encounter with an ashtray and he discussed his sex life with the use of some superb analogies.

Break time again and Duggan was back to whip up the audience! Rub-a-dub-dub what's in your tub?

And out came Peter Kay, well Dave Twentyman @DaveTwentyman for those who have seen comedy before. With his loveable Lancashire accent, watching Twentyman is like listening to the funny bloke in the pub except much much funnier. Straightforward and a real genuine bloke, he loves his chiminea and his philosophy is if you can't eat it or shag it you burn it! Just don't ask to borrow his stick. You learn how Darth Vader rescued Spiderman from the police station and how he once entertained his mother in law by doing a Sesame Street impression! Twentyman was a superb headline act and he endeared himself to the audience.

Duggan - Loveable

Woodward - Superb

Walsh - Down-To-Earth

Massara - Interesting

Twentyman - Outstanding

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